Get asset metadata

Get metadata of a specific asset.

Example - Asset Registry & Token Registry

const asset = 'IYzTSjJg4I3hvUaRXrihRm9+mSEShenPK8l8uKUOD3o=';
client.api.getAssetMetadata(asset, function(err, registry_unit) {
if (err) return console.error(err);
client.api.getJoint(registry_unit.metadata_unit, function(err, result) {
if (err) return console.error(err);
const metadata = result.joint.unit.messages.find(item => == 'data');
console.log(registry_unit, metadata ? metadata.payload : null);


metadata_unit: "0xXOuaP5e3z38TF5ooNtDhmwNkh1i21rBWDvrrxKt0U=",
suffix: null
asset: "IYzTSjJg4I3hvUaRXrihRm9+mSEShenPK8l8uKUOD3o=",
decimals: 0,
name: "WCG Point by Byteball",
shortName: "WCG Point",
issuer: "Byteball",
ticker: "WCG",
description: "WCG Point is a honorific token, a recognition of contributing to World Community Grid projects. The token is not transferable, therefore, it cannot be sold and the balance reflects a lifetime contribution to WCG. Some services might choose to offer a privilege to users with large balance of this token."

Example - Token Registry only

const registry = 'O6H6ZIFI57X3PLTYHOCVYPP5A553CYFQ';
const asset = 'fAmGezsOuWr6TEkUmKA6zYDZUUzeE0j95pvPgIcgTkM=';
const symbol = 'TONY';
client.api.getSymbolByAsset(registry, asset).then(console.log);
client.api.getAssetBySymbol(registry, symbol).then(console.log);



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